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You deserve to have it all in every area of your life!

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If you’re a female leader or new entrepreneur

and especially if you’re conscious and results-driven

You already know how difficult yet critical it is to have work/life balance so you can achieve massive success in your business without sacrificing your lifestyle, health, or personal relationships.
The juggle is real.

Maybe you’ve had major momentum and success in one or two areas, but you know you are neglecting
other major areas of your life and find yourself hitting a threshold or limit…

Let’s say you’re crushing it in business, but you know others who are expanding their empires with
less effort and more success.

With the current global condition, there’s no shortage of virtual “boss babe”, “queen” and “manifest
everything overnight” programs popping up online…

The problem is

Most masterminds and programs for women either focus heavily on internet marketing and business training, or they over-focus on manifestation, fluffy Unicorns and actionless bliss.

It was out of my frustration of what’s out there (and what’s MISSING) that I created I Am Her Now…

Success Stories & Testimonials

“I Am Her Now enlightened me to realize I am already the woman I dreamed of being. Jenna and her INCREDIBLE team encouraged us to break down our blocks, go deeper in listening, learning & self-growing. Investing in my best self is one of the best gifts I have ever given myself. This experience got me through one of the hardest, most devastating times of my life. November 2018, I drove my kids through blistering hot flames to escape a burning town we loved and spent 15 years building an empire in. I Am Her Now lovingly lead, inspired, healed & elevated me through a time which started out dark, confusing & not knowing how I would move forward, to a time of hope, new positive outlooks & a brighter future. I Am Her Now opened my heart and spirit to a new mindset, new possibilities, amazing connections & honestly a whole new, stronger, more confident ME.

Thank you, Jenna, for inspiring me to only do what I love, to serve others and to be unapologetically ME!”

– Christina Burton

Writer, Aerial Boss Mom, Independent Arbonne Consultant & Self Love Ritual Goddess

“Without a doubt, my remarkable journey through I Am Her Now was and still IS filled with long-lasting transformation and massive breakthroughs. Being in Jenna’s world means stepping into CONFIDENCE and EMPOWERMENT, getting clear on my vibrant vision and truly seeing the blessing in what I might consider my weaknesses or shadows. Creating continuous and expansive space for my vision by surrounding myself with what truly serves me, including people that lift me up, is continuous work and I still can hear her words and questions.

Jenna looks at every detail in my life and aligns it with my vision. She has taught me about stepping into my sassy feminine which is priceless and so needed as a busy career woman who is always on the go and in the DO-mode.

I recently created a program called turning “Fear into Confidence,” and the inspiration and empowerment came from IAMHERNOW!”

-Gabriele Howard

“I can only express it as a releasing of blocks and an elevation of soul. I•▲M Her Now takes you on a journey to reveal the most honest and vulnerable expressions of yourself. You practice new tools, gain insight and wisdom, dig deeper than ever and face the things you most resist. Little by little those blocks you built up fade away. What you unapologetically request of yourself and for yourself start to become reality. I am beyond grateful for Jenna, Torey and all those beautiful women who supported me along the way. Who am I? I am a confident, powerful and connected woman. I•▲M Her Now and I choose her every single day!”

– Nada Nabulsi

“Working with Jenna has made a huge and positive impact on my life. When I met her, I was going through a terrible time in my life, which included my second litigation, which was over four and a half years, and I was about to lose almost everything. My mind was in fight and flight mode, and my days were filled with stress. Working with Jenna cleared my mind and helped me transform into a powerful leader and creator. She opened my eyes, and now I experience my authentic self that continuously speaks her truth. The results have been nothing but amazing. My case was won in its entirety because of how I showed up. That’s not all! I AM now an author, speaker and self-advocacy coach sharing the power of self-advocacy. It is our superpower. Thank you, Jenna Ballard!”

-Maria Mastrodicasa

“She’s one of those very special and very rare humans who does what she says she’s gonna do, who lives the life she says she lives and is completely in integrity with who she is.”

-Alexi Panos

Impact Entrepreneur, Author & Thought Leader

“If you desire a life where you can have it all without having to sacrifice, there is no one better to be mentored by than Jenna.”

-Amber Valdez

Spiritual Entrepreneur

“I’ve known Jenna Phillips-Ballard for about three years now, and what I can say about her is that she’s remarkably consistent… I think that anybody that has the opportunity to work with her, especially on a one-on-one or small group basis, would be incredibly blessed.”

-Eden Slobin

“If I had a million minutes, I could say a million things about how she’s impacted and changed my life. Before I met Jenna, I was crushing life and I didn’t know that what I knew to be true about me wasn’t true. Jenna helped me see how burnt out I was on the inside and feeling guilty about my success. She helped me and my entire family heal and we got to level up. She transformed my entire family.”

-Lori Taylor

Marketing Strategist and Social Media Marketing Expert

“If you’re tired of being stuck in a place that you’re ready to go out of, Jenna is the one that will help you navigate that. She holds authenticity, and she gives you permission to be your authentic self without judgment.”

-Seanna Walker

I’m Jenna Phillips Ballard

I was once exactly where you are
If I can create a level 10 life, so can you.

  • I’m impacting the lives of thousands of humans.
  • I’m a powerful & purpose-driven CEO, dedicated wife, and present mother.
  • I’m living a life of abundance and ease in all areas of my life.
  • I am FREE to travel with my family whenever I want.
  • I absolutely love all that I am. I accept and express every aspect of myself.
  • My self-care game is at an all-time high.
  • I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been.
  • I have powerful boundaries in place that support what is important to me.
  • I’m truly living my best life. Every day gets better and better.

I couldn’t have gotten to this point without certain key principles, tools and guidance I received along the way… And now, I am passing it along to YOU.

Fact is, there are a lot of coaches and programs out there making BIG claims that they can transform your life.

Maybe you’ve joined the masterminds or coaching programs, tried the boss babe stuff, did the conscious manifestation techniques…

And they were either too cut-dry, overly business-focused or filled with too much“woo-woo” fluffy stuff.


I Am Her Now is a powerful and proven 12-week system to finally having level 10’s across the board. It is the perfect blend of concrete pragmatic tools with the deep spiritual work that is needed to get you the level 10 results you deserve.

So if you are an ambitious, powerful female leader or new entrepreneur who knows it’s time to get unstuck and break through your ceiling so you can have it all without having to do it all…

Click the button below to get on the waitlist now.

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*Note: I only take on a very carefully selected few women twice a year who I believe are ready for this intimate, interruptive and powerful coaching experience

Here’s How It Works
What’s Included:

  • 1 x 20 min 1:1 call with Jenna You’ll get a private one-on-one power coaching call with me where I will take you through my signature process so you can see what’s hiding in your blind spots.
  • 12 x 1:1 20 min calls with a private coach You will be assigned your own private coach and have weekly check-in coaching calls to support you with integration and accountability.
  • 3 x 90 min group trainings with guest experts I will be bringing in a new special guest expert once each month.
  • 3 x 90 min group coaching calls You will be part of a very intimate group call via Zoom where we will uncover your own, unique breakthroughs and set you up for how you can live your best life.
  • Weekly exercises Each week, you will be given journaling prompts and/or homework assignments to support you in the application and integration of all that you are learning.
  • Your Personalized Life Road Map Guided creation of your own clear, personalized road map for elevation, expansion, and success in every area of your life (self, health, romance, purpose).
  • BONUS: Lifetime Access You’ll get lifetime access to my private Facebook group and all of its content, live streams, exclusive offers, etc.

Get On The Waitlist

Get On The Waitlist

*Note: I only take on a very selected few women twice a year who I believe are ready for this intimate, interruptive and powerful coaching experience.